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How do the dyostem server and the ImportToDyostem application communicate?
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Communication between the ImportToDyostem application and the Dyostem server is performed using a set of APIs made available by the Dyostem server at the following address: (port : 80)

The destination address is written in the application and cannot be changed.

Exchanges are made according to the HTTP 1.1 protocol (POST method), at the initiative of the ImportToDyostem application.

Once the connection information has been entered by the user, ImportToDyostem will ask the server for a list of the measurement types defined for the user.

This request is made in two steps:

  • Login (with the identifiers provided) that returns a session token (alphanumeric string)
  • Measurement types request (using the previously returned session token)
These requests, as well as their syntax, are described on pages 3 and 13 of the "API Dyostem Server" document attached.

The user opens, with ImportToDyostem, the file he wants to send to the Dyostem server.
He establishes the correspondences between the measurement types defined in the CSV file and the Dyostem measurement types. These matches are saved in the configuration file.

Only the types -BlockName and -Date are mandatory.

Once the matches are defined, the user clicks on the File/Import menu.

The application then calls the PutAnalyses method (described on page 35 of the "Dyostem Server API" document) and displays the result, with any error messages.

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